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I got a really sweet e mail with a photo of a hat collection. Dane really likes my bike caps, and every time he visits from Seattle he orders a bunch! Here is his collection…pretty impressive.

Custom bike caps

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I’m hoarding Cashmere sweaters in preparation for the new season. My Cashmere hat and scarf production starts again at the end of May. I found the most beautiful browns, greens, and burgundy sweaters.  They will be transformed into the coziest hats and scarves!

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I created this hat for the Stephen Jones hat competition on Talenthouse.

Please take a moment and vote. Also, check out the incredible hats featured from Milliners all over the world. You can vote for many designs.

It is an incredible collection of beautiful Millinery creations. I hope they publish a book of all the entries!

For my hat, I created a pill box out of steel galvanized wire. It was incredibly hard to crochet with, and my hands are in a lot of pain. I love the openness of the pillbox. I decorated it with flowers made out of plastic bags. The final touch were the rhinestone buttons.

“Steel Magnolia”, please vote here.

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Crochet tam with Mum flower is the latest addition to our  “Crochet novelty” collection.  Now available in our online store. Perfect for chilly spring days and freezing San Francisco summers.

Rainbow, the lovely customer in the photo, bought the first one I made.

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One of my favorite type of hat making involves reconstructing garments into hats. I love using coats because they offer so many great elements. There is a nice amount of fabric, lining, and buttons.

For this project I chose a black woman’s rain jacket. Size XXL, with nice tabs on the sleeves, watercolor painted lining, and 12 large silver buttons. All for $5.99

I took apart all the pieces of the coat. Separated the rain proof material from the lining and removed 12 buttons.

The sleeve tab became the top of the hat crown. The collar became the brim. I used 2 of the buttons and sewed them on with red thread for a little contrast. I used the original lining to line the hat.

The final product of this reconstruction is a great water proof hat with fun elements. The Silver buttons and red thread add a touch of whimsy. The asymmetric brim adds a modern flair to a 1920’s shape.

Rain jacket from Salvation Army, $5.99

Watercolor lining

12 large silver buttons!


The tab on the sleeve became the top of the crown. The collar became the brim.


The coat lining became the lining for the hat.


Water proof hat with a 1920's flair.


The great thing about making hats is that they don’t require a lot of fabric. Since the coat was a XXL, I still have enough material for at least 2 more hats!

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Read the story “Making hats on Valencia Street” by Leslie Rabine, in MissionLocal.

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We have been really busy at the shop. The week of Halloween, Giants winning the World Series, and Dia de los Muertos inspired many new hats. The shop is full of new styles from House of Nines, Bailey, Toucan Collection, and ADS.


The wall of hats features styles made exclusively at A.D.S. Lots of rain hats, Cashmere blend Cloche hats, fleece hats, caps, berets, and beanies.

New collection of Cloche hats and caps made from a luxurious Cashmere blend and classic wools. Decorated with hand made fabric flowers or Ultrasuede circles. $54-$68

New felt Cloche hats from Toucan Collection, $38-$45.  Ribbon taffeta hats $54-$58, Faux fur Leopard print Cloche $60.

Stunning, one of a kind, hand draped Cloche hats by Behida Dolic $260-$350. Take 15% off for a limited time.
Straw and felt Cloche hats from Toucan Collection $60-$90

New gorgeous special occasion hats from House of Nines. $200-$400

Crush-able, water repellent felt Fedora from Bailey of Hollywood, $50

Our favorite “Shorty cap” in stock in 6 sizes and lots of new fabrics: denim, corduroy, wool, Cashmere blend and Ultrasuede which is water proof! $39-$49

*Ultrasuede is a man made fiber.

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